Am I allowed to shop at MVR Cash & Carry?
MVR Cash & Carry is not open to the general public. In order to shop with us you must have a valid business license. Learn more about how to register at MVR Cash & Carry here.

What is MVR Plus?
MVR Plus is an online shopping and delivery service available to all MVR Cash & Carry Customers.

I am already an MVR Cash & Carry customer. How can I start using MVR Plus?
Head to the MVR Plus Sign-Up Page  and be sure to fill out the registration form with the same information associated with your MVR Cash & Carry membership (eg. email address, phone number, etc).

I am not an MVR Cash & Carry customer, but I would like to start using MVR Plus.
You must first register with MVR Cash & Carry to use MVR Plus. Head over to this page to register as an MVR Cash & Carry Customer, then head here to activate your MVR Plus account.

Delivery Dates
We try our best to deliver your order within 1-2 business days after placing it.
Deliveries take place Monday through Friday.